Focus – Inglés Empresarial , with a long experience in Business English Language and under the supervision of  Professor Alicia Barbitta, and her specialized staff including native professors, we have been leaders in the Business area since 1996. Training personnel in Business, Technical and Legal English at all levels. helping many companies to achieve the success through specially designed courses suited to their needs, using the latest technologies in education and always prioritizing the development of oral communication.

Focus – Inglés Empresarial,  analyzes the objectives of  the companies to determine the most appropriate services regarding schedules, frequency and type of training that adapts to the needs required by the participants or companies.

The suitable infrastructure in our training center, helps participants from different companies share their interests and find in them a social and commercial bond, framed by a relaxed and cosy atmosphere.

Our additional IN-COMPANY service, allows all our courses to offer  in or out the commercial schedule of the company, offering the chance to the participants to take advantage of its training time.

Focus – Inglés Empresarial always at the state-of-the art in methodology, has recently integrated `Online Courses ' to add new techniques in education

We are pleased to invite you to access to our pool of services.

Prof. Alicia Barbitta
Director of Studies

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